Cultural Activities

Our School management also focuses on Co-curricular actvities in school such as cultural activities for all-round development of our students. The benefits of cultural activities in schools have been extensively researched and it has been found that students who participate in these activities develop higher academic results, better relationships at school, and are more likely to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Cultural Activities contibutes to increase in sociability which is a crucial ability for personal development and an important criteria for job interviews. People’s ability to make friends or to become a part of a group fuels self-confidence and creates a better atmosphere of liability among people.

Ompee World School- Cultural Activities

List of Cultural Activities

School - Poetry Activities

- Students are participating in poetry activities to highlight our cultural values.

School - Drama Activities

- Students showing their artistic skills in various drama activities

School - Arts Activities

- Students showing their creativity and imagination in arts activities

School - Quiz Activities

- Students are participating in quiz activities to show their intelligence and knowledge.

School - Debate Activities

- A view of debate activities organized to boost confidence and intellectual skills of our students.

School - Science Olympiad Activity

- Students showing their immense talent and knowledge in science olympiad activity.

School - Math Olympiad Activity

- The main motive of math olympiad activity is to improve the IQ power and thinking ability of the students.

School - Techfest Activities

- Students have shown innovation and creativity by making projects based on new technologies.

School - Dance Activities

- There is an active participation of each and every student in dance activities also.

School - Music Activities

- Students have proved their singing talent in various music activities organized in the school.