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Article :- We are the OMPEE WORLD school that lives and learns together -- with joy, understanding, and delight in what each of us offers each other.
Our Ompee World school is a perfect example of how different people can live together, work together, and learn together,The School community respects each other, supports each other, and helps each other to succeed. Every child and every teacher has the special privilege of meeting, talking to, learning with, and playing with children and families from all strata of Community.
Our Ompee school is a perfect example of how different people can live together, work together, and learn together, School community respects each other, supports each other, and helps each other to succeed. The climate of a school includes its kids and its diversity,
At Ompee-we all enthusiastically work together to create a productive, positive, and rewarding atmosphere in which our students will learn and grow. We work hard to create lasting memories through quality learning experiences and special events.
Ompee school is a great place for kids because of its dedicated teachers. They are kind and respectful to children. In that way, they are wonderful role models for our students, said Vetere. They keep lines of communication open with families through newsletters, telephone calls, or emails -- whatever works for families. They keep their expectations high for all students. They continuously look for opportunities for their own professional growth, and they support that in their colleagues"
At Ompee we all take responsibility for the education of our students. Everyone helps to steer our students on the path to responsibility. “That sense of responsibility permeates Ompee School in Cincinnati, where Henderson is an assistant principal. It permeates the classrooms and all other areas of the school too. In Ompee- which caters to nutritious meals for the students and all of our teachers eat with students and lend a hand to maintaining decorum.
At Ompee-parents want to send their children to our school. The Ompee School is making great strides in all areas of school life, including programs, and our community is taking note of our accomplishments.


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The raison d'etre of the School

Article :- Ompee World School’s, the best

school in Manesar

and Gurgaon, singular attempt is to prepare children that are creative, confident & expressive – children that are prepared to meet the challenges of the world's best colleges and universities. We know that, as parents, you care about your child more than anyone, but we believe we come in a close second. Our goal is to prepare and inspire our learners for a positive future.
Holistic development: Learning at Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon is fun; it is about lively laughter, genuine smiles and curious minds. Thanks to our lively curriculum, a rich co-curricular programme and resilience-building student care – learning at Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon, extends well beyond the classroom. At Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon, no two days are ever same – nor are two learners' experiences exactly identical.
Infrastructure: Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon offers a post-modern, healthy, green and safe environment for your child. Comfortable spacious classrooms, wide staircases & corridors, a Library mushrooming with books, well-equipped modern hustle lab and a distinctive play area make our fully air-conditioned building a true temple of learning.
Technology: Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon is a digital school of learning. Our relationship with modern day software and technology such as Google etc. allow us to make modern day techniques, a way of life at Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon.
Individualised Learning: Small class sizes, a small teacher: student ratio means every learner gets much personal attention from their teachers. Specialist experts work with learners individually & provide them with academic, artistic & athletic opportunities. Field trips and excursions form an important part of our curriculum.
Teachers as Facilitators: At Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon, our teachers go beyond just teaching the mind. They model and infuse values like respect, responsibility, integrity, and service. Ompee World School's, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon, qualified and dedicated teaching staffs are assisted by caring and qualified support staff.
Universal Values: Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon, is recognised for its dedication to academic rigour and for its vigorous activity programmes in sports, arts & cultural learning. Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon, thrives on its culturally diverse international community & offers classes right from daycare to primary school. All these are provided in a nurturing educational environment which values global citizenship anchored in Indian values.
Experience & Professionalism: As a reputed institution, Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon, truly makes a difference for every learner by bringing in respectability and specialization in everything – from teacher training to curriculum development, from admission to technology, from learner well-being to infrastructure development. And everything else in between.
So if you are looking for a bright and positive future of your child, Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon, is the best solution.


Blog Topic : Best Teaching Methods at Ompee World School

Article :- Best Teaching Methods at Ompee World School- The Best School in Manesar

Manesar is a fast-growing industrial town in Gurgaon district of the State of Haryana in India. It has transformed from a sleepy village to one of the fastest-growing townships in India. With the fast growing population in this area, the need for a best school of learning for children automatically arises. The answer to this is- “Ompee World School”, the best digital school in Manesar, equipped with the best, modern techniques and IB way of practical and logical learning.
Learning is an ongoing process and school is the best place to learn-’For teachers and staff’, ‘For children and for parents as well’ and the answer to this is Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar and Gurgaon. We at Ompee World School, the best school for activity based teaching, make learning so easy and practical that it gives learners,’Education for life and the perpetual desire to learn’. Every teacher here is dedicated and committed towards real life and quality education so that the best can be delivered to the young aspiring minds.
We, at Ompee World School, the best and only digitally advanced school in Manesar, impart education with the most modern and best techniques and children are groomed as per their caliber. Greater student interaction is encouraged, the boundaries of authority are broken down, and a focus on enjoyment over grades is emphasised. They are trained to be mentally competent, physically strong and morally upright. Mannerism and etiquettes is highly stressed upon so that the learners grow up to be good human beings.
Ompee World School, the best school in Manesar, provides an overall, holistic development of the child. The teaching techniques are based upon the IB- PYP, enquiry approach method. The students are given real experiences of the subjects and concepts taught. Field trips and excursions form an important feature of this school.
You feel proud to be a part of Ompee World School, one of the best schools in Manesar, Gurgaon and elated to see the rising graph of success of the school. I am sure that the school will be as proud of its children and they, in turn, will be proud to have been a part of their school’s success story.


Blog Topic : Academic Excellence at Ompee World School

Article :- Ompee World School always teaches its students the unassailable values of humanity. It encourages its children to cultivate their ‘scientific temper’ - the tendency to follow their reason beyond the dictates of culture, tradition and community. It also persuades the taught to reflect, analyze and interpret in the process of knowledge construction. Visit school website school in manesar.
Utmost care is taken at middle stage to develop all these areas with the help of various physical, group activities and intellectual performances keeping the individual differences and divergent needs of the learners in mind.
Following are the innovative practices at Primary Level which focus on developing learning paths to cater to the needs of the children by paying attention to children’s intellectual and social development: -
• The first concern at primary level is on the development of the child’s language competence, issues related to articulation and the ability to use language to think and to communicate with others. The vocabulary is enhanced through various activities which include debates, elocutions, role plays, presentation on the stage of our world class auditorium and other activities in our language lab. The best school in manesar for digital education.
•Appreciation of art forms is an integral part of human life. Creativity in art and literature is closely linked. Therefore we at Ompee provide means and opportunities to enhance the child’s creative expression and the capacity for aesthetic appreciation in our Creativity & Knowledge Lab.
Health and physical education are necessary for overall development of learners. It includes yoga, other sporty activities in our sports club and regular health check-ups which foster the physical fitness of the children to handle successfully the issues of retention, dedication and persistence.
• Visual and performing art activities adopted for our students at Ompee World School help in the emotional and intellectual development of the child. The students are given stage exposure to develop confidence to be global leaders for tomorrow.
• At this stage we move towards disciplinary approach, but with integrated themes within which the concepts are developed. Various integrated projects and group activities enhance the social skills of the learners.
• We enhance understanding and appreciation of interpersonal relationship among students and community at large through Clan activities and International Collaborations with countries like Yemen, Indonesia, Taiwan, UK and USA.
• We sensitize our young ones in promoting positive environmental and health practices through various workshops and activities.
• OWS gives equal importance to co-scholastic domain. Modern and innovative approach to learning is not just intellectual, but also physical, moral, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual in nature. At initial level this kind of holistic approach is aimed to nurture the students’ inner self by using several artistic, creative and collaborative methods. Based on their interest, the middle school students are trained in various sports by our teachers who are experts in their fields.
• The guidance and counselling programme at Ompee World School is a student support system where children’s problems, needs, issues and behavioural queries are addressed and lessened. Ompee world school in manesar Gurgaon.
• Life skills programme in the form of 5S programme is followed at Ompee in order to ensure the harmonious growth of the students. Theme and value based morning assemblies inculcate various moral values and sensitization in the learners through the live performances, role play, talk shows and musical performances.
• Last but not the least, Ompee thrives for academic excellence through judicious use of technology which increases the reach of educational programmes, facilitates management of the system, as well as help address specific learning needs and requirements. For eg., mass media supports teacher training, facilitate classroom learning and can be used for advocacy through smart boards and specially designed modules.
Since student success is best served by engaging broad strategic goals through a range of synchronized efforts, utmost care is taken at Ompee World School in planning the collaborative strategies, so that the child can be developed into a global leader and an ideal citizen. For more visit the school in manesar.


Blog Topic : How Technology is Creating Library of Tomorrow?

Article :- Libraries lead the way to digital citizenship. They should be the first place where most advanced technologies are implemented.
At Ompee World School which is the first digital school in IMT Manesar, we have E-library which facilitate online learning as compared to other library where library is not only about lending books. They are creative spaces, not only for individuals, but also teams. They are economic incubators and learning hubs.

Most of all, the libraries are the entry points to the digital world. They are the way to embrace technology and avoid digital exclusion.
- Technology changes traditional information forms.
- Digitization changes the landscape of information access and use.
- New information processes are changing libraries, library services, and librarians.

We all know how difficult to engage the children in learning. However they enjoy the process when the instructor uses white board or touch screen technology in order to make classes more interactive and interesting. In that way it’s easy to attract the kid’s attention. The same at OWS we involved technology in the educational process just like E-Library, Touch-Screen Boards, Online Performance Graph etc. makes education more enjoyable both for the instructors and the learners.

Technology in the Library enables the use of more interactive educational tools, which allows for a dynamic learning experience that directly benefits students. At OWS which is the first best school of Manesar provides E-Learning portal for students through this interaction involves not only sharing ideas and information with someone else but also receiving feedback. As computer technology is being used for different types of communication (for presentation, for class interaction, and for collaboration), students are required to be readers, writers, editors, and publishers and must be willing to collaborate and co-create closely with others -- all skills that are critical for students to learn as they grow and enter the workplace.
Technology in the Library is its flexibility and adaptability to differentiated learning. At OWS which is the first digital school in Manesar we facilitate students with E-Learning which provide students with the opportunity to learn at their own pace and the freedom to go back and relearn content whenever they want. Even students love to learn through technology it can help students in many ways just like;

Prepares Students for the Future: It is without question that students will need to know how to use technology to communicate and collaborate in their future careers. Almost all jobs use at least one form of technology, so students need to be comfortable using it.
Provides Current Information and Wider Access: Technology gives students the most current information available. Electronic textbooks or web-based content can be updated in real-time. Classrooms can connect with other classrooms around the world to broaden their learning.

Nowadays virtual classes are preferred by people all over the world. This form of education is really enjoyed by children, and many students have recently graduated from virtual High Schools.


Blog Topic : Practical Learning and Career Aspects of Students

Article :- Practical learning is firmly established as a key approach in the early years, but it should continue through all the stages. As students progress through primary school and into secondary school, college and other learning environments, their learning experiences should provide them with a range of opportunities to continue to engage actively in their learning and to apply their knowledge and skills in practical ways.
At Ompee World School, which is the first digital school in manesar and gurgaon region where students will benefit from opportunities to build and apply their skills in more practical contexts.

Practical contexts for active learning would include:

• Spontaneous Play
• Planned, Purposeful Play
• Investigating and Exploring
• Events and Life Experiences
•Focused Learning and Teaching

According to IB Curriculum at OWS, we believe that our younger generation should receive an all-rounded education, both in book knowledge and practical skills which will enable them to excel in the societal environment and achieve personal success and growth. Achieving good grades and getting distinctions is NOT the only way to success or have the best grades in school. It takes a lot more than just academic education to do. We identify the traits needed and focus on such training to make our students not just “study-smart” but also “street-smart” and cope well in the outside world in future. Also, practical education is a way more interactive than theoretical. Here, we do not focus on teaching or tuition but we do it through topical sharing, skills training, role-playing and team building activities to ensure the involvement of students to create a deeper impact in their learning and understanding process.

Reasons why practical education is more important than theoretical education and how it impacts the future of students:

• Knowledge retains in the mind because the learning experience is more effective than forced-memorization
• Significant improvement in students’ understanding abilities through practical applications and situations
• Balance of IQ and EQ is necessary in achieving personal success.


Blog Topic : How Technology can Improve Current Education System?

Article :- Today’s students are fundamentally different from students 20 years ago. Given the technology revolution, students interface with screens more frequently than people. Additionally, they are growing up in a global community without leaving their homes. Yet, at Ompee World School we are trying to educate them in the same way, using the same pedagogical methods developed over 100 years ago. Adaption permeates every industry, and it is no less important in an educational setting. However, given the student-teacher ratios according to IB curriculum which is 1:10 that there are 10 students for every full time equivalent teaching position.

Improving education has been a main concern these days. Technology can be used to improve teaching and learning and help our students be successful. At Ompee World School, education doesn’t stop at the end of the school day because students have access to teachers, resources, and assignments via the web and can access these resources at any time. Students can also get help and tutoring at any time, whether from the teacher via email or online collaboration.

The unique digital aspects at Ompee World School shows an example among all schools in manesar and gurgaon regions by initiating concept of digital education where technology can be of great help to parents as they can go to a class website and see what their child is working on, they can contact teachers via email and web sites, and they can even check their child’s attendance and grades through online systems. They can also talk to their children from work via email and instant messaging.


Blog Topic : Role of Social Media in Education

Article :- The term “social media” implies the number of activities that include socializing and networking online through words, pictures and videos. To some extent, it is a two way discussion which brings people together to discover and share some information, interests as well as ideas. The ability of social media users to shape the form of contemporary education put an end to the dominant role of universities and old-school teachers who relied on outdated teaching methods. Today, students have a say because they can express their requirements in front of a grand audience. This key feature of social networks proves that Facebook and Twitter are not simply channels for mass communication; they offer a chance for people to communicate important ideas and make changes in the educational system, as well as all other aspects of their lives.

Social media websites provide a solution for the many obstacles of communicational nature that student organizations used to face. Through social media, students become advocates for liberal, open-source education.On the whole, one of the biggest assets of each social media tool lies in bringing together the students of all ages to help them with all types of assignments, starting with the homework and finishing with different researches. It is worth mentioning that such phenomenon as geo-tagging has a great future perspective in education life, owing to the fact that it can be used to target and find necessary data about the places that are being studied.

Schools become aware of students’ problems and needs, which is why they are trying to adapt the curriculums and lectures to the needs of the tech generation. Thus, the students are involved in the decision-making processes that occur on the higher levels.
Ompee World School, the first digital school in Manesar enables students to compete at world level where online learning can facilitate better opportunities and a forum where there is a direct interaction between teachers and parents.
Digital activism leads to different opportunities for positive development of the school community. If educators encourage students to become digitally literate by explaining how they can use social media to influence the education they get, the changes will progress even further. The activism of the digital youth contributes to particular social reforms. We can finally be the drivers of change!


Blog Topic : Importance Of Digital Education

Article :- Today it’s not just the shop that’s gone; books and pencils are joined by Chrome book laptops and tablet computers as educational essentials. It's not about just shifting traditional lessons onto screens - it's about allowing pupils to make use of their devices to truly enhance their learning while giving teachers better ways to track individual achievement and personalize lessons. Digitization is changing education, firstly in how students learn. As tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices proliferate in classrooms, the traditional school setting in which time, place, content, and pace of learning are constant has been turned on its head. Personal electronic devices are enabling a shift from classroom-centered learning to personalized, student-centered learning that can happen anytime, anywhere .Schools can now offer differentiated curriculum and learning concepts—even within a single classroom—that compete with globally competitive standards and align with a student's individual level and pace of learning.
With the unique concept of Digital Learning we have Introduced First Digital School of India

Ompee World School which is the best digital school in Gurgaon has taken a great initiative to make it feasible for your children in Manesar and Gurgaon regions of Haryana state. The school has integrated many digital services and features to provide a way to digital education. Ompee has change the traditional classrooms to centralized digital class rooms as seen in the image below.
The school has integrated many digital services and features to provide a way to digital education. So here we will discuss about the benefits of this digital aspect and unbelievable results which will improve your child's overall performance and provides a strong platform for a brighter future.

1. Daily diary to Online tab –
-We provide Mobile tablets (TAB) to parents and these tablets are connected with all CCTV cameras installed in our school campus. Parents can track and monitor activities of their children live on these tabs which would help in improving their behavior and focusing on all weak points to build a strong foundation for their bright future.
- It will act as an intermediate to improve classroom management, problem areas, teacher-student co-ordination etc. Parents can give their feedbacks and suggestions to respective teachers.
2. Live CCTV App Coverage –
- We have integrated live CCTV Technology in Our School for Safety and Security of our Students
-Parents can Monitor their Kids activities live on their Tab . They can Track their kids activities Live what he is doing [playing ,sleeping, reading, eating.
3. Security & Safety -
- We have integrated online access cardsystem in our school for the security of our students and real time attendance records. An online access control system can be a powerful tool improving safety for staff and pupils and protecting high value assets.
4. Online Doctor App –
-We have assigned doctors with respect to class divisions who will do health checkups of all students on regular basis. These doctors will share health reports of respective students online on our school website and parents can easily check health analysis of their children by logging into their respective panel.


Blog Topic : Online Performance Graph

Article :- In Today's technology oriented world everyone wants to be updated and and knowledgeable to use various technologies easily and more efficiently. In simple words everyone needs to be digitized to achieve the same, as we know present generation is quite smarter as compare to past generation in using these technologies.
From our point of view its clear that knowledge of how to deal with all technologies should be provided from school time, so that child can learn and explore his/her potential way beyond limits.
Ompee World School which is the best digital school in Gurgaon has taken a great initiative to make it feasible for your children in Manesar and Gurgaon regions of Haryana state.The school has integrated many digital services and features to provide a way to digital education. One of those digital aspects is "Online Performance Graph". So here we will discuss about the benefits of this digital aspect and unbeleivable results which will improve your child's overall performance and provides a strong platform for a brighter future.
Benefits of Online Performance Graph
We provide a facility to parents to access their child's performance and progress online on our website which is directly linked with academic figures of the student.
- Parents can easily track their child's academic performance online and can guide accordingly.
- Parents can access this feature by using user credentials which will be provided by our school administration after admission.
- There will be a proper comparison of student's academic performance in the form of graphs.
- This feature proves that Ompee world school is the best digital school in Gurgaon
- This will help in improving student's academic performance by analysing weak areas of the respective student. We will be glad to have your suggestions and feedback !!!

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