Sports Activities

We also focus on regular sports activites along with our academic schedule to keep our students healthy, attentive and internally strong. School physical education programs offer students the opportunity to not only be physically active today but the opportunity to teach skills and behaviors conducive to maintaining physical activity for a lifetime. Ompee World School represents an advantageous opportunity to promote these activities in children of all ages.

Sports activities involve physical development and enhance an individual's overall well being. This is one reason why these activities are an integral part in our school's curriculum, especially upto high school students. This is the time wherein the physical body is undergoing development and engaging in activities such as dance, sports, gymnastics etc. are highly encouraged.

Ompee World School- Sports Activities

List of Sports Activities


- Our school is timely organizing Football events and tournamnets to increase stamina of students and keep them physically fit and fine.


- We also have a swimming pool in our school campus for studnets to perform swimming activities. Swimming helps in body relaxation and keep skin healthy and germs free.


- Students have also participated in boxing activities and events who have passion for this game.


- Basketball court is there in which students can explore their game skills by participating in various events and activities.


- Students can also participate in cricket events and tournaments with proper facility of cricket nets, equipments, pitch, instructor etc.


- There is a proper badminton court in our school campus to allowing students to show their game skills in these actvities.


- Volleyball facility is also there allowing students to play and improve their skills for big events and tournaments.


- Proper instructors and cycles will be provided by school to student for practice and participation in this sport.

Pool & Snooker

- Indoor games facility for pool and snooker is also available for proper practice and participation of students.


- Well-trained instructors with proper equipments are also available for gymnastic activities in school.


- Tennis court is there for various school and clan based tennis sport activities.


- We encourage students for indoor games like table tennis also as all equipments and trainers are available for students.